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Asbestos abatement is made easy and safe by using our team of experts at All Pro Services. Have you seen the facts about asbestos?  The dangers of exposure are clear, but what now?  Call in your trusted professionals at All Pro Services.  We have years of asbestos abatement experience and have been Utah’s leading experts since 1987.   Abatement always begins with testing.

How All Pro Provides Abatement Services

  • We will shut down any heating or cooling systems to minimize the spread of any released fibers.
  • We will not disturb the material any more than is needed to take a small sample.
  • If the asbestos is non-friable, we will carefully cut a piece from the entire depth of the material.
  • We will only require a small amount of the material.  The material will then be sent to our partners at a certified lab for testing.  Amounts needed for testing are minimal.
    • For friable samples – 1 teaspoon
    • For nonfriable samples – 1 square inch piece
    • For Vermiculite samples – approx. 1 cup full
  • Air samples will be taken to confirm the presence of air-borne asbestos.

Asbestos abatement is a dangerous and a highly technical operation.   Allow our professionals at All Pro Services to handle the risk and clear your property of this material by calling us today.  If your property tests positive for ACM or RACM, our experts will schedule the work with you and begin staging the project.


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