sewage cleaning

Sewage Cleanup

sewage cleanup utahTechnicians are trained to recognize whether contamination may be present, and clean according to industry standards.  Our team is highly trained in handling sewage cleanup jobs.  We flush contaminated areas with steam heated above 200° and spray an antimicrobial agent to reduce odors, kill microorganisms, and prevent mold from growing. Children, elderly people, and others with weak immune systems or respiratory problems can get sick from strong chemicals such as antimicrobials. To be safe, leave the area for two hours after cleaning. Depending on the water source, the water may be contaminated with the following:

  • Surfactants from dish washers, washing machines, aquariums, or water beds
  • Pesticides, heavy metals, or toxic substances from rusty pipes, ground water, rivers, streams or seepage due to hydrostatic pressure
  • Pathogenic or disease-causing agents from sewage drain or toilet back-flows which may cause Hepatitis A or B, E. coli, or tapeworm

Keep you and your loved ones safe by calling All Pro Services today.  Our company is certified, licensed, and insured to handle delicate (and messy) situations like these.  We keep you safe and get your property back to normal fast.  Contact us here to get a phone call by one of our specialized technicians.

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