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All Pro Services has the resources to provide multiple disaster relief, restoration, and cleaning services. We use state-of-the-art equipment, we are dedicated to providing quality service and customer support.

The difference between our company and our competitors boils down to four cornerstones of success (and then some).  Forgive our tenacity and zealous attitude, we’ve just had almost 20 years to figure it out and do it right. Our teams are well trained, highly qualified, and groomed to provide you with the best quality of care and service around.  Our service oriented corporate philosophy puts our customers at the head of our interests and allows us to quickly serve a growing number of customers around the state.

Ever try digging a hole in the ground with a broken shovel?  Doesn’t work so well, does it?  When All Pro Services rolls up to a job site, there is no doubt about who we are.  From our fleets of well maintained vehicles to the newest equipment and machinery around.  All Pro shows up to impress.  With the right tools, well maintained vehicles, good equipment, and industry experts driving the show – your project and our job is done faster, better, safer, and with a committed dedication of only providing the best.

Do it right the first time – that’s our motto.  Whether we’re punching holes into streets for man wells and sewer, or drilling underneath highways to install fiber; we won’t miss the mark.  This means less money spent on the budget, less time spent on the project, and minimal disruption to our clients and their environments.  We follow the book on safety and complete your project the right way.  No cut corners, no shabby equipment, no non-certified or qualified personnel on your job site.  Less accidents, more productivity, and fewer head aches for you (the most valuable part of our business).

We’re experts in water damage and restoration services, carpet and duct cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and commercial janitorial services.  Our technicians use moisture detection sensors and infrared cameras to find hidden water pockets if applicable. We use truck mounted extraction units to remove water and sewage, and chemicals are applied to sanitize and deodorize. Our specialty equipment dries carpet, inside walls, underneath cabinets and on floors quickly to prevent mold growth.

Having an experienced and licensed general contractor makes disaster restoration and disaster clean up services an all-in-one, in-house operation.  We handle the complete process.  As soon as you call us, our team will provide you with a damage assessment. In disaster restoration and cleaning, there are multiple phases involved regarding full restoration of a property.  At All Pro Services, we address those needs holistically by leveraging our in house resources.  This means that All Pro handles your estimate, insurance claims process, project management, phase 1 cleaning and phase  2 complete restoration.  You won’t need to bounce between different departments or companies in order to see your project complete.  Count on us as your local disaster professional team.  Our priority is on your needs, 24/7.

We’re a design/build business. From land development to utilities installation – we not only install it, we can design and plan the project.  Our engineers, project managers, foreman, workers, and administrative staff come from serious industry background.  We won’t compromise your project, budget, or timeline.  What is experience, anyways?  It’s the ability to make mistakes while learning from them, and not repeating them. From disaster restoration projects to new construction; All Pro Services provides custom tailored service to meet your needs.